Elder woman and her caretaker

Further notes: Please read before your appointment!


Please be aware that the length of treatments may vary as some cases may need more or less time depending on the problem. 

ANY CANCELLATIONS MADE UNDER 12 HOURS WILL BE CHARGED A SET FEE OF £26.00, unless you re book with us or contact us 24 hours before your appointment.
With any Osteopathic Consultation and Treatment appointments, your practitioner we talk through and confirm our Information and Consent document, this is to ensure your safety, privacy and concerns are looked after. 
To make things easier, please make time to read through all of the information below before you make an online booking, therefore if you have any questions we have time to answer them in the appointment. You can also read and e sign before you arrive to make the process quicker and therefore start the sooner. If you are happy with the below and would like to e sign, please send us an email or use the contact us page and we will reply with the e sign document. 
If you do not e sign before your appointment or haven't read the below, don't panic we will go through all of the below and more but please do allow 5-10 minutes for this during your appointment. We recommend you arrive 5 minutes earlier to make sure we have time for treatment during your appointment
Additional Important Notes to Read:
During the examination it may be necessary to remove items of clothing,  if you are uncomfortable dressing down to your underwear please bring loose clothing or sports clothing i.e shorts, vest top.
-Any child under the age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times!
-Your practitioner maintains the right to stop any treatment, at any time if the case history isn't complete, if practitioner deems it inappropriate for the patient or if the patient acts in a way that comprises the safety of the practitioner or the clinic.
- You, the patient, have the right to stop the treatment at any time or discuss different treatment options if you are unhappy with our service.
- Please be aware that Osteopathy is a manual therapy which means that our treatments are hands on, we use our hands to treat musculoskeletal stress and strains, our treatment techniques can be active as well as gentle. Just like when you work out at the gym, you can be sore the next day. We call this post treatment soreness, this can be present up to 48 hours after your treatment. If you have any concerns please let your practitioner know, we will talk to you about this during your  appointment to confirm awareness of our techniques and post treatment soreness.
- Please look at our price list on our website for all our services, please ensure you have means of payment and are able to pay directly after the appointment or on the same day. Failure to do so will prevent us from continuing on with the treatment or future treatments.
-If your insurance company requires an invoice please let your practitioner know and we will provide this via paper or email copy. If your insurance company is paying for the treatment, please let the practitioner know before the appointment starts. If your insurance company fails to pay, you will be expected to pay the outstanding charges.
-We advise to arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment to allow as much time for your treatment as possible.
If you need more information on any of the details above please contact the clinic directly.