The following is information regarding the COVID-19 Virus and operations at Maythorn Therapy Clinic. Please read and make sure you are safe to make an appointment before calling us to book!

All the below is in line with the latest Govt. guidance and is subject to change. 

Before your appointment

We recommend that you contact us via telephone to confirm if it is safe for you to attend the clinic i.e to determine if you are in any at risk group. 

Please also advise whether your would prefer the practitioner to wear a face shield as well as a face mask.

If you arrive early and can see another patient's vehicle present, please wait in your vehicle to be called in, to abide by social distancing rules. 

During your appointment

You should wash your hands before the appointment commences.

You need to use a face mask at all times, unless you are exempt, and if nesseccary a change of clothing to wear for your treatment i.e. T-Shirt and Shorts.

After your appointment 

You should again wash your hands.

Upon return home, you should wash the clothing you wore during the treatment. 


Changes you will notice at the Clinc:

In order to maintain safety and abide by the Govt. guidelines, you will notice - 

- Hand Sanitisers are in all rooms of the building.


- There is a 30 minuite gap between appointments. This is to allow for comprehensive cleaning to take place before and after each patient which is now even more onerously carried out than the normal high levels of cleaning previously.

- Attending appointments strictly on time is mandatory to allow sufficient time for the intensive cleaning procedure. 

- We may have to marginally increase prices due to increased costs of sourcing PPE and intensive cleaning of the clinic. This will be notified on the website.