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GDPR - Data Regulations

The Data Protection Act or GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, states that all personal information that is recorded and stored via computer or organised paper filling system, for reasons like Osteopathic treatment, must comply to the Information Commissioner's standards to safe guard the data given.

This means all your case history notes and personal details taken will remain with your practitioner in a secure storage facility or on a data processor that the Osteopath has confirmed is within the data protection act. Your notes are a legal document, these can be viewed or copied at any time.

The referral of your personal details or notes, sent either to yourself or to a separate organisation, such as a private health consultant, can only be conducted with your permission and consent. The consent is recorded on your notes. Your consent is very important to us, therefore this can be reviewed or changed at any time if you have any concerns.

The notes will also comply with the legal length of time required to store your details. For Osteopaths, its up to 8 years. If we treat children their data stays with us until their 25th birthday. This is subject to change, for example, if we continue to see you longer than an 8 year period, the notes will therefore be stored for a longer time period.

If you aren't continuing on with Osteopathy or with your practitioner and you would like to erase all your details, this servise called Erasure is available at any time. Written consent must be provided as proof that yor data is to be removed from our system.

We will always let you know if we may need to contact you in the future and why. However you can opt out of any further communication with your practitioner at any time as well as alter your preferred method of contact with us.

If you have any concerns about Osteopathy, our services or any other queries please do contact the clinic or your practitioner. However if you would like to discuss this with another health professional, we recommend the Institute of Osteopathy, all contact information is found on their website​

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