Home Visit Service

Within Cambridgeshire
To book your Osteopathic Home Visit
please call us! 
07494 360255
Home Visits will be available from March 2021

You will receive the same high standard of treatment you would expect in our clinc, within your own home.

What we require from you:


Space for the equipment -

As part of the serivce, we bring our osteopathic couch to you, in order to perform the examination and treatment. The couch requires an open space with dimensions of 2 meters X 2 meters for positioning and to allow movement around it. We can however accommodate most scenarios. If you have any queries regarding this, just let us know when making your appointment. 



We also ask if you could provide parking details, such as any parking availability on your property, street or alternative parking. If you have on street parking, we need to know if it's free, Pay and Display or Permit. If you have free on street parking and it's a very busy, please let us know if you are able to save a space or know of any alternative streets to try.

If you have a Permit at hand, please make sure that this is valid and in date.  Keep it ready for us to use when we are parked. For any Pay and Display parking, please be aware that this is an additional cost to the total fee. 

Pricing & Services:

Intial Consultation and Treatment - For people new to Osteopathy and Maythorn Therapy Clinic services.

Duration - 1 hour and 30 mins


Price - £55.00 plus fuel charge.

Continuing Patient Treatments -  For clients who require a follow up from a Consultation and Treatment and who are already existing patients of the Maythorn Therapy Clinic.

Duration - 45 mins


Price - £45.00 plus fuel charge.

Fuel Charge

£Zero if your address is within a 5 mile radius of the Maythorn Therapy Clinic (CB23 7QL)


5 miles and above - upon receiving your phone call to book, we will provide an estimate on this price. 

Time Extentions -

(The duration times above for each treatment are estimates - this may reduce or increase, depending on your individual case.)

If a time extention is required, there may be a surcharge of £5.00 for 15 mins run over. 


If you have any questions please contact us. As mentioned above, to book a Osteopathic Home Visit please call us on 07494 360255.