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Chiropractic Treatment



Osteopathy is a manual, complementary therapy where we use our knowledge of anatomy and physiology to form a system of diagnosis and treatment for the whole body, working to restore the body's structural and functional balance.

Our hands allow us to diagnose musculoskeletal stress and strains through our highly trained sense of touch, this is enhanced with our assessment of patient health and function. 


The techniques used are varied involving different styles of massage, joint articulation and manipulation, along with gentler techniques such as functional articulation and cranial-sacral therapy.

Osteopaths can help manage a variety of conditions such as:- Sciatica- Back pain- Shoulder pain- Frozen shoulder- Migraines/ head aches- IBS- Endometriosis- Sports injuries- Rhuematoid arthritis- Arthritic pain- Muscle pain- Ligament sprains- PMR/ Fibromyalgia ​

We work individually, but also refer and work in conjunction with GP's, physiotherapists, councilors, homeopaths, acupuncturists and other therapists. This allows us to treat the entirity of the cause not just the injury/pain.

Emma Bicknell M.Ost D.O Dip

Emma is a Cambridge born Osteopath, studied at the European School of Osteopathy and graduated with a Intergrated Masters in Osteopathy. She specialises in shoulder conditions, back pain, muscle strain and neck pain.


"I believe osteopathy is for all ages and can help in so many ways. It not only allows for pain relief and increased mobility, but educates how amazing our bodies are and what we can overcome".


As well as her love for animals, history of managing a small holding and looking after ponies herself, she has Diploma in Animal Osteopathy, treating dogs and horses. She now provides home visits for Canine Osteopathy around Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.


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