Maythorn Therapy Clinic


St. Neots Road




CB23 7QL


Contact number: 07494 360255


Email: info@maythorn.co.uk

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How to Find us:

At the bottom of the page there is a google map link with our site pin. (Please note for further detail on the cul de sac road layout, please use the zoom buttons!)

If your unable to use the Google Map link, please read the notes below:

- If you are using Sat Nav, the post code provided will take you what looks like a dead end on St Neots Road. This is just outside of the turn off from the Hardwick roundabout.

- The street it recognises is Meridian Close. Don't go through the housing estate! 

- At this point you will see a chicane (concrete zig zag to slow traffic) to a cul-de-sac.

- Go through the chicane, follow the road all the way down. 

- Follow on to a smaller road to the cul-de-sacs end, passing a brown service box on the left.

- You will see the Maythorn Therapy Clinic signs to your left.

- We are the 2nd house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Our drive is a long drive with trees either side and we have a sign to guide you in.

- If you are driving in for a evening slot we usually have a rope light lit on the drive.

- We have a gravel car park and turning circle at the house.

- If you know Hardwick and St Neots road well, we are between Marks Weatherheads shop and the BP Garage at Childerly Gate (Caldecote).

A note for those who walk to us from Hardwick or Caldecote.

If you are coming to us for an evening slot, make sure you have a torch with you as the lights on the road aren't great in winter.


For more detail or help, please call us.